We are two children in a household,
like 318,100 other households in Israel.
I am one of 283,200 women
working in education.
I was born in Ethiopia and have an academic degree, like 55,400 other people in Israel.
I am one of 176,100 single women aged 25-34 in Israel.
I am one of 27,900 youngsters aged 15-17,
who worked in 2008.
We have been married for over 30 years,
like 917,900 other people in Israel.
I am one of 134,200 men
who studied in a yeshiva.
Welcome to Population Census Site
Population Census
During the year 2012, the Central Bureau of Statistics conducted a "Rolling Census"
for the first time.

Upon examination of the obtained estimates, methodological problems that might cause inaccurate data were identified.

Therefore, incoming Government Statistician Prof. Danny Pfefferman has decided to suspend the data collection, both in the field and in telephone interviews. Meanwhile, the census
method will be reevaluated and the new methodology, when available, will be posted on the website.

Current population estimates are being updated the same way as previously.

We are grateful for the cooperation so far and are looking forward to future cooperation.
Data from the 2008 Population Census will be released in various forms and at different stages. At this stage the Profiles and Tables are published.
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