Central Bureau Of Statistics Offices

Jerusalem -telephon 02-659-2222 Fax: 02-652-1340  address P.O.B. 34525 ZIP Code: 91342
66 Kanfei Nesharim St.
Data Collection Center -telephon Free Number: 1-800-210-290
Tel Aviv -telephon 03-568-1933 Fax: 03-568-1946  address P.O.B.:57207
ZIP Code: 61571
86 Derekh Petah Tiqwa, Bet Leo Goldberg
Haifa -telephon 04-863-2355 Fax: 04-863-2370  address P.O.B.:851
ZIP Code: 31000
Government Publishing House
Subscriptionstelephon 03-565-5947/48/49/50/51 Fax: 03-565-5994
 address P.O.B. 7103ZIP Code: 61070
107 Ha'Hashmonaim St., Tel Aviv
Purchasestelephon 03-697-7460, 24 Ha'Arba'a St., Tel Aviv
E-mail: yael@cbs.gov.il
Purchasing Bureau Publications on Magnetic Media
To purchase diskettes, please contact the Bureau:
in Jerusalem - telephon 02-659-2666 in Tel Aviv - telephon 03-568-1933
Seasonal series which appear in the Bureau's periodicals, can be purchased
on magnetic media through the Bureau's Data Bank Unit telephon 02-655-3491/3230/3421
For details please contact the Bureau's Internet Division telephon

Obtaining Price Indices through the Telephone
The bureau operates an automatic information service which provides price
indices data for the last month and for the previous months as well. The
service is given 24 hours a day.
The index (including items and sub items) can be obtained, as can the monthly
percentage changes: Index by Index Code, Consumer Price Indices, Industrial
Output Indices, Price Indices of Inputs in Building, Price Indices of Inputs in
Road Construction, Price Indices of Inputs of the Agricultural Branch, and
data on average wages per employee's post.
telephon 02-652-7550 (multi-line)
Cellphone (Cellcom/Pelephone) - abbreviated no. *2550
The recorded service operates in Haifa and Be'er Sheva alone, in Haifa
telephon 04-864-5310

Yael Natan :
Email :yael@cbs.gov.il

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