Microdata For Research


The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) makes its statistical products available to the public in a variety of ways. press releases, publications on the Internet and in print etc. In addition, those from outside the CBS may contract with the CBS for statistical analysis of data held by the CBS, whereby the results are provided in the form of graphs ,tables etc.. And finally, the CBS provides access to anonymized microdata files on which researchers can perform their own statistical analysis and research. Following is a brief overview of how these files are made available to researchers. There is a charge for the files or services provided in accordance with CBS pricing policy.

Public Use Files (PUF) (available in Hebrew only) are standard anonymized microdata products made available to the public at large subject to a standard CBS license. PUF files are also avaiable to researchers via Israel Social Science Data Center (ISDC) in the Hebrew University. PUF files contain information that is detailed enough for basic research, under confidentiality constraints.

A Research Room on the premises of the CBS office in Jerusalem is available for researchers who need detailed microdata. Use of the Research Room is restricted to academic researchers and researchers from research institutions upon approval of their research proposal by the Chief Scientist of the CBS. The Research Room contains several personal computers with statistical analysis programs such as SAS and STATA. Use of the Research Room is subject to the Research Room Guidelines (Hebrew), which require, inter alia, that researchers using the Research Room undergo a security check, become special sworn volunteers of the CBS subject to criminal sanctions for breach of confidentiality, and publish their research results in a manner prescribed by the CBS.


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