Population in Israel

Population in Urban Localities
and Other Geographical Divisions

Provisional Data as of December 31, 2004

Jerusalem, April 2005

Table 1.Population by District and Sub District

Table 2.Population by Type of Locality (current)

Table 3.Population by Urban Localities

Table 4.Population by Municipal Status Within District and Area


1.The data presented in these tables are provisional population estimates for the end of September 2004, processed by the Central Bureau of Statistics. The estimates are based on registration of population movements received by the end of September 2004, only. Accordingly, certain changes may be required in these estimates, compared with the final population estimates, due to movements, which have not yet been updated in the Population Registry system.

2. Due to the rounding off of absolute numbers to the closest thousand, the final total may not necessarily add up to the sum of the numbers. In addition, at times a growth is listed which in thousands appears as zero growth, but in a calculation of percentage of growth may acquire a positive or negative aspect

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