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Gross Domestic Product and Uses of Resources
Definitions and Explanations
Schedule for Updates and Publication of National Accounts Statistics
The Core Principle of Revision Policy
1. Gross Domestic Product 7. Net Domestic Product
2. Private Consumption Expenditure 8. Compensation of Employees
3. Gross Domestic Capital Formation 9. Income and Saving
4. General Government 10. Selected Economic Indicators
5. Exports and Imports of Goods and Services 11. National Balance
6. International Comparisons 12. METADATA-Special Data Dessemination Standard (IMF)
Tables from publication "MACRO-ECONOMIC STATISTICS QUARTERLY - April-June 2018":
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Main Economic Indicators 2000-2006
Media Releases
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28.2.2018 Main Economic Indicators November 2017- January 2018    list of tables   
28.2.2018 Findings of 2014 Round, Based on Purchasing Power Parities (PPP), for the International Comparison program    list of tables   
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