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Published: 28/02/2018   עברית
Selected Economic Indicators - February 2018

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Main Economic Indicators
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  1. Expenditure on Gross Domestic Product, and Uses of Resources
  2. Balance of Payments
  3. Exports Imports of Commodities and services - at Annual Rates
  4. Private Consumption Expenditure
  4_1. Index of Household Credit Card Purchases
  5. Fixed Capital Formation
  6. Receipts and Expenditures of The Government Including Net Credit
  7. Financing of Government Deficit
  8. Domestic Receipts and Expenditures of The Government and Receipts From Taxes
  9. Work-Hours of total Employed Persons &Amp; Employees
  10. Employed Persons
  11. Participation In The Labour Force, Unemployment, Employee Posts, Seekers and Immigrants
  11_1. Job Vacancies by industry
  12. Wages Per Employee Post
  13. Accumulated Change In Prices and Exchange Rates
  14. Financial and Capital Markets
  15. Revenue Indices of All Industries, Excluding Daimonds - by Industry According to V.A.T. Data
  16. Revenue Indices In Commerce and Services by Industries According to V.A.T. Data
  17. Indicators of The Manufacturing Industry
  18. Manufacturing Production Indices by Division
  19. Fixed Capital Formation in the Residential Construction - at Annual Rates
  20. The Construction Branch - at Annual Rates
  21. Central Government Debt
  22. Manufacturing Production Indices by Technological Intensity
  23. Manufacturing by Technology Intensity
  24. Business Tendency Survey 1
  24.1. Expected changes in Business Development - 3 months
  25. Consumer Confidence Indicator-Percent
  25.1. Consumer Confidence Indicator by Selected Characteristics


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  2. Exports and Imports
  3. Import
  4. Manufacturing
  5. Selected Manufacturing Branches
  6. Consumption
  7. Consumer Price Indicates and Interest Rate
  8. Revenue Indices
  9. Travel and Tourism
  10. Building and Infrastructure
  11. Export & Import by Technology Intensity
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