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Media Releases By Subjects Social Survey 2009
13.12.2009 Social Survey 2008: Digital Gaps In Israel    list of tables   
8.9.2009 2008 Social Survey - Public Opinion: What Is The Group Most Worthy Of Affirmative Action? What Action Should The Government Take, In Order To Reduce Social Gaps?    list of tables   
19.8.2009 The Social Survey 2008: Mobility At Work And Promotion Of Employees In Israel    list of tables   
20.7.2009 The Social Survey 2008 - How Do Israelis Perceive Their Financial Status? Kindergarten And Elementary School Teachers: 90% Are Satisfied With Their Job, 40% Are Satisfied With Their Income    list of tables   
17.6.2009 How Do The Jews In Israel Define Their Origin?    list of tables   
21.4.2009 Attitudes Towards The Israeli Police Force And Court Services: About 60% Believe That The Functioning Of The Police Is Not Good    list of tables   
18.2.2009 Social Survey 2007: Attitudes Towards Municipal & Local Authorities, Half Of The Population Is Satisfied With Cleanliness In Their Neighborhood Format Word  list of tables Format for Printing
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