Application Programming Interface (API) – an application that the public uses to retrieve data from the CBS databases automatically, conveniently, and formatted as needed.

Instructions for using the API interface:

To retrieve data from the API, you must define an appropriate URL address in your browser so that the requested data are displayed in the desired format.

The URL address is based on a basic template for each type of information, to which various characteristics can be added in order to obtain specific, exact information that meets all the requirements.

Note: The User Agent header is a mandatory field when in CBS queries.

The data that can be downloaded are in the following systems:

Time Series DataBank:

The central database contains time series on a wide variety of subjects: population, environment, quality of life, energy, construction, health, national expenditure, education, agriculture, balance of payments, prices, research and development, job vacancies, foreign trade, consumer confidence survey, business and trade, crime and justice, road accidents, transportation and communication, tourism, employment, industry, etc.

How to retrieve the data >

Price indices

The price indices measure the percentage change in expenditure necessary to buy a set “basket” of products and services whose prices can be measured regularly.

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How to retrieve the indices >

Time series according to the SDMX standard

Series according to the international standard SDMX (Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange)

How to retrieve the series >

CBS Dictionaries

How to retrieve the Dictionaries >

Support, questions, and clarifications

To query and retrieve properly using the API, please read the explanations carefully.

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