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​The CBS Libraries in Jerusalem

These libraries are open to the public, and contain a variety of recent and past CBS publications. The library in Jerusalem also includes publications of statistical bureaus from other countries. Visitors to the libraries may read the printed publications and use the Internet services provided at the libraries. In addition, professional librarians are available to assist with any request.

The addresses and office hours of the libraries are as follows:
Jerusalem - 66 Kanfei Nesharim Street, 9:00-14:00 (please contact in advance by e-mail at: info@cbs.gov.il)

Research Rooms​​​​​

​The CBS offices in Jerusalem have research rooms for the use of researchers from academic institutions and research institutes, following approval of the research project by the chief scientist of the CBS. The research rooms are equipped with personal computers and software such as SAS and STATA, for use in statistical analyses and processing.

Pursuant to the CBS regulations for the use of research rooms, users of these rooms shall be required to undergo a security check, and shall be considered sworn volunteers of the CBS who are subject to criminal penalties if they violate their obligation to maintain confidentiality. Accordingly, they are also required to publish the results of their research in the manner determined by the CBS.

For further information on this issue, you may contact Mrs. Anat Katz-Avraham at the following e-mail address: anatk@cbs.gov.il

Ordering Tailor-Made Statistical Analyses

Requests for special data processing:

Tailor-made analyses of raw data from surveys and other projects can be obtained for independent processing. These orders are subject to a specific definition of the requested analyses, and a signed agreement between the CBS and the party that requests the material, which bears the signature of the Government Statistician and the CBS accountant.

For additional information, please contact the Information Center by e-mail at: info@cbs.gov.il.