12 May 2013

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​This publication presents data from the 2009 Health Survey. The survey was designed to provide data that would assist in the formulation of national health policy through monitoring of health service utilization, health status, and health behaviour among various sectors of the population. The survey was designed, among other purposes, to create a basis of data for use in reporting to the OECD. The 2009 Survey is the sixth in a series of health surveys conducted by the Central Bureau of Statistics as a supplement to the Labour Force Survey, and it presents information about the population living in households in Israel. The previous health surveys were conducted in 1977, 1981, 1993, 1996–1997, and 1999–2000. In order to plan the survey, a steering committee was appointed that included representatives from the Ministry of Health, the health bureaus, the health funds, research institutes, the Ministry of Finance, and the Central Bureau of Statistics. The steering committee conferred regarding the topics of the investigation and the survey questionnaire. The 2009 survey questionnaire was adapted to the informational demands of the OECD as well as to the informational demands put forth by the steering committee. The survey was partially funded by the Ministry of Health. This publication presents an overview of all the topics examined in the survey: utilization of health services, health status, medical examinations, influenza vaccinations, disabilities, health behaviour such as smoking and physical activity, membership in the sick funds, and health insurance. The data are presented according to the demographic, social, and economic characteristics of the population.​



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