27 May 2024

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This publication presents detailed data on the defence expenditure in Israel, accompanied by tables and diagrams. In addition to the general government defence consumption expenditure, it presents an estimate of the total cost of defence, including additional costs, some of which are indirect, that are derived from the cost of compulsory military service and reserve military duty, as well as from costs of emergency stocks of essential commodities, construction of shelters and protected areas, costs of security guards posted in public places, etc.

This publication presents updated data for the period 1995–2021, calculated and presented according to the definitions and guidelines of the System of National Accounts 2008.

From the data presented in this publication one can learn, among other things, about the share of the defence expenditure of the Gross Domestic Product and of the economy's total resources.

I wish to thank all the public institutions and entities, as well as the various units in the Central Bureau of Statistics that collaborated in supplying the necessary data to prepare this publication.



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