17 April 2024

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The publication presents tables with detailed data on the revenue and expenditures of the general government sector. The general government sector includes government ministries, the National Insurance Institute, the national institutions, local authorities, and non-profit institutions that receive most of their funding from the government.

The publication includes updated data for the period 2006–2022, which are calculated and presented according to the definitions and guidelines of the Government Finance Statistics (GFS) framework established by the International Monetary Fund.

The data are presented separately for each unit of the above-mentioned general government sector, as well as in consolidated form for the entire sector.

The data presented in this publication include information on: types of revenue and expenditure in the general government sector, and their relative share of total revenue and expenditures; the share of the general government sector units in the financial activity of the government; and the distribution of government resources, as well as developments in the government deficit (as defined by the International Monetary Fund).

The general government sector accounts in the GFS framework are calculated yearly at the Central Bureau of Statistics for the purpose of reporting to the International Monetary Fund, which publishes the data in the GFS Yearbook together with data on most countries in the world.

In this publication of the CBS, the accounting system is presented as a parallel system that supplements the account of the general government sector in the SNA, which is presented regularly as part of the national accounts. In addition, the publication presents international comparisons for the main variables in the GFS framework.

I would like to thank all of the institutions, public organizations, and different units of the Central Bureau of Statistics that co-operated in the preparation and transmission of data used for this publication.



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