23 January 2024

For more information please contact the Statistics Information Center, at 02-6592666 or info@cbs.gov.il


This publication presents detailed data on kilometers travelled for 2022, as well as data from previous years.

The publication includes data on the total kilometers travelled by Israeli civilian vehicles. The data are yearly nationwide data, and are presented in different cross-sections, such as type of vehicle, age of vehicle, type of ownership, engine capacity, gross weight, etc.

The data are based on recording the odometer readings of the vehicles when carrying out the annual vehicle inspection.

The administrative files are obtained by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) from the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety. These files include data on the entire fleet of vehicles.

From 1969 to 2012 the CBS conducted the Kilometers Travelled Survey using a sample from the vehicle inspection stations.

Following the decision of the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety to record the odometer reading during the annual inspection, which was implemented in 2010, the survey ended. Since 2011, the publication data has been based on administrative files received by the CBS from the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety.

The publication is intended to provide information to decision-makers, researchers, and the general public.



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