The National Statistical Systems (NSS) in the world play a major and substantive role in decision making processes, nationally and internationally. The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) leads the NSS in Israel and is an integral part of the International Statistics community.

The CBS works to increase the awareness to possible use of national and international data, to improve the quality of the official statistics of Israel, to improve the comparability between the state of Israel and other states in the world, and to increase efficiency of the production of national statistical information. It is served by the exchange of knowledge and sharing experience between states and by harmonization and standartization of methodology and definitions of statistical information.

It is a national interest to provide the international organizations with complete and qualitative information, since it is used by policy makers when making decisions in different spheres of life in Israel, and it is used by foreign bodies when making decision about Israel.​

יום הססטיסטיקה העולמי ​        ​World Statistics Day

National and In​ternational Statistics