Population and Housing Census 2022

Collection Phase Finished

The collection phase of the Population and Housing Census 2022 ended on 31 December 2022.

The purpose of the census is to obtain a full, reliable picture of Israel's population and its characteristics, including demographic, social and economic data in each locality in the country. The data will be used by local and national policymakers. The Population Census is unique in that it can be used to investigate small and special population groups, and provide information about small geographical units.

The Census Day for the Census of Population and Housing was 2 April 2022. Starting on this date, residents of the State of Israel were enumerated, including population groups such as Bedouins residing outside localities in the Southern District, collective residences and institutions, and the population of foreign residents.

The sample size is 7% of the population, about 692,000 persons representing all segments of the population. Persons (or an adult in their household) sampled were asked to respond, on behalf of their entire household, to a questionnaire on topics of demography, place of residence, education, work, housing, etc.

Data collection began on 3 April 2022 and ended on 31 December 2022. The data were collected using three secure methods:  Filling out the questionnaire online, by phone with the help of an interviewer, or in a face-to-face interview at the home of the respondent.

About 82% of persons sampled answered the Census questionnaire: 86% of the Jewish and Other populations and 60% of the Arab population.

In the Population and Housing Census, a "smart questionnaire" was used, which, combined with existing information from administrative sources, created a personalized question flow for each member of the household, in real time. The questionnaire included innovative technological components that improved the interface and the user experience. All of these significantly reduced the response burden and resulted in a simple and user-friendly questionnaire.

Response to the Population and Housing Census is obligatory. It is defined as a statistical activity that is conducted in the course of a census for the purpose of section 13A of the Statistics Ordinance [New Version], 1972.

Immediately after the end of the collection phase, the staff of the Central Bureau of Statistics began examining the data and preparing it in order to estimate the size of the population and its socio-economic characteristics. These analyses are expected to last several months and to end in October 2023. Therefore, preliminary results of the Census are expected to be published starting in November 2023.

The Central Bureau of Statistics thanks all of the respondents, who demonstrated good citizenship by filling out the questionnaire.

Sample questionnaire

The Population and Housing Census was preceded by two preparatory surveys: the Pilot Survey, conducted in 2017 (Hebrew only), and the "Dress Rehearsal", conducted in 2020–2021.