​​​​​​The questionnaire is constructed from several parts, with each part dealing with another subject. Following is a list of the parts: 

A. List of people residing in the dwelling and the relationships among them - names of tenants, relationships, additional addresses. 

B. Identifying details and demographic data - sex, age, I.D. number, country of birth, marital status, marriages, births. 

C. Period of residence in the dwelling and in the locality - date of entry into the dwelling and the locality, residential address from 5 years before.

D. Daily functioning - level of difficulty in performing daily activities. 

E. Education and work - 

    Education - number of years of schooling, type of schools, highest certificate received.

    Work - extent of work, type of work, details of place of work, means of getting to work.

F. Income - household income not from work.

G. Living conditions - number of rooms, ownership of dwelling, durable goods available for the use of the household. ​

Following is a detailed explanation of why questions are presented on the various subjects appearing in the questionnaire: