10 April 2024

For more information please contact the Statistics Information Center, at 02-6592666 or info@cbs.gov.il

The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) is pleased to present to the public a selection of data from the Agricultural Census 2017. The data were collected in 2018–2019. This was the fourth agricultural census conducted in the State of Israel. Previous agricultural censuses were conducted in the years 1949–1950, 1971, and 1981. Additionally, a comprehensive survey was conducted in 1995. Thus, there has not been a comprehensive agricultural census in Israel for close to 40 years.

The Agricultural Census is intended to provide an up-to-date and reliable snapshot of agriculture and the structure of the agricultural farm in Israel following the changes that have taken place in agriculture in recent decades. Its planning was by a steering committee that included representatives from government ministries, academia, and the farmers' organizations.

The topics of investigation included information about the agricultural areas, how they are cultivated, water usage, and the use of other inputs in agriculture, such as labour, fertilizers, and pesticides; information on the types of crops and cultivation methods; characterization of the structure of the agricultural farms; and describing their economic activity.

The Agricultural Census, which was conducted using the classical census approach, covered the agricultural activities of crops, livestock, and aquaculture. The enumeration framework was based on integration of data from various sources.

This publication appears at the beginning of 2024, while agricultural farms in Israel have been facing many difficulties arising from the security situation.​

The Agricultural Census underlines the great value of the agriculture industry in Israel and enables comparisons of its state over the years.



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